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Synteko’s Hardwax Oil is a low solvent oil floor-coating, based predominantly on natural raw materials. The product is formulated for treatment of all wooden and parquet floors in high traffic areas. Hardwax Oil is well absorbed by wood, leaving a thin layer of modified wax on the surface, making parquet and wooden floors more resistant to wear and liquids. The risk of injuries as a result of slips is also reduced. The product is suitable for interior, exterior, residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Synteko’s Hardwax Oil is made predominantly from renewable raw materials, is cobalt-free and contains a very low level of solvent resulting in near negligible VOC results. The high solid content in the floor coating means there is less potential for emissions to air and that the product has a high coverage rate of 15-60m2/L (depending on tools and wood species). Due to its filling qualities and the protective layer of wax, floors oiled with Hardwax Oil do not wear quickly, are resistant to water and have good slip resistance (Anti-slip class R10 according DIN 51130). Hardwax Oil is also suitable for wooden stairs, windowsill, and benches, and can be applied in high-wearing environments such as in museums, airports and retail spaces. Synteko states that, with correct maintenance, the product does not need to be re-sanded, due to the high solid content and buffing process in the application. These factors coupled with its durable nature and high-wearing quality of the finish, may result in significant material and labour costs savings in the application, maintenance, sanding, and re-coating over the life-cycle of the floor.





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