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James Hardie Systems - Ritek XL Wall System and XL Thermal Wall System



Ritek XL Wall System and XL Thermal Wall Systemsare an innovative pre-fabricated permanent formwork wall solution. They are thinner than traditional block and brick, an advantage on tight construction sites. James Hardie’s wall panels consist of fibre cement, aluminium and plastic components with in-situ insulation and are suitable for use in single residential, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings as load bearing / structural walls up to 25 storeys or higher in non-load-bearing capacities.

James Hardie Systems is the manufacturer of the innovative Ritek XL and XL Thermal Wall Systems. These in situ systems consist of pre-fabricated panels using a composite stud assembly, providing a permanent formwork for reinforced concrete walls.

The wall panels consist of fibre cement, recesses-edge facing sheets, bonded to vertical studs. The studs are made up from aluminium sections connected together with plastic spacer pieces. All aluminium components are protected with a chromate coating. The panels are stood in place, both vertical and horizontal reinforcement is placed as required and the wall completed by filling the panels with structural concrete. Ritek wall systems provide finished internal walls by set, tape and paint, there is no need to batten and line. External wall surfaces can be finished with an acrylic render or with your choice of cladding.

The key benefits of the Ritek XL Wall and XL Thermal Wall Systems are its structural integrity, thermal ratings, speed of installation finished wall,  reduced on site waste, fire and acoustic ratings.

Information last verified: 24th April 2018

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