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DESIGNBOARD is a highly durable and 100% recyclable architectural solution. The product is made of a solid polymer especially developed for the sanitary market. DESIGNBOARD has been developed for the manufacture of toilet cubicles, shower partitions, modesty screens, wet area lockers, benches, change and locker room seating, counter tops and science laboratory bench tops. 

DESIGNBOARD is a new range of specialized polymer sheets for savvy architects who require a highly resilient and functional material, that simultaneously meets the environmental and health objectives of their projects. DESIGNBOARD is a purposely created solid thermoplastic product designed with longevity and the environment kept in mind. Its anti-graffiti and water-resistant properties among others, not only increases the lifetime of the project, but significantly decreases maintenance costs. That is why DESIGNBOARD is  specified in areas where there is heavy foot traffic and exposure to the harsh Australian elements over prolonged periods. Made with 100% recyclable material, DESIGNBOARD will not end up in landfill, instead can reborn and used for new applications. Therefore, it is ideally suited for projects that are environmentally sensitive.

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