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Insulated Roof Panels, suitable for residential and commercial use on interior and exterior applications.

Versiclad’s structural insulated roofing panels provide a weather tight cover, outstanding insulation, and a pre-finished maintenance free ceiling. Versiclad’s self-mating, easily installed  roof panels are available in a range of optional profiles with various thickness cores to suit insulation rating or free span requirement.

Versiclad’s Structural Insulated Roof Panels are suitable for use in cyclonic conditions and offer trafficable unsupported spans up to 11.4m which means less beams or building materials used, with options requiring a minimum of only 1˚ pitch.

These Roof panels are available in a wide variety of colours with a fire retardant EPS core which reduces radiant heat transfer, mould, condensation and rain noise.

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Green Star™ - Design and As Built v1.2

Credit 9: Indoor Air QualityCredit 11: Lighting ComfortCredit 12: Visual ComfortCredit 13:Indoor Pollutants: Paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets Credit 13: Indoor Pollutants: Engineered wood products Credit 14: Thermal Comfort Credit 15: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCredit 16: Peak Electricity Demand Reduction
Credit 25: Heat Island Effect

Green Star™ - Interiors v1.2

Credit 8: Indoor Air QualityCredit 10: Lighting ComfortCredit 11: Visual ComfortCredit 13: Thermal Comfort Credit 16: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCredit 9: Acoustic Comfort

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