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DriveCon is a permeable driveway system that can be installed in residential as well as larger commercial contexts.

The DriveCon system is made up of fine aggregates and specialised binders mixed together.

WaterPave claims that this allows for a smoother, flatter finish as well as allowing water to pass through the materials, reducing flooding and adding back to ground water below. They also claim that the driveway system is the most efficiently permeable surface on the market and there is also an option to add a specialised border to frame the paving.

DriveCon can be used on driveways, paths, car-parks and tree pits.

WaterPave also has a similar product (DriveTec) which is a two-layered system and is also permeable.

The company also has a re-surfacing system (PaveTec) which consists of a permeable layer that can be applied over existing or new concrete.

Information last verified: 6/2/17

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