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The EcoSoft Carpet Tile Backing is available across Australia and the world for commercial and industrial use by carpet manufacturers.

Carpets Inter EcoSoft backing range was developed to provide manufacturing clients with a backing that would have less of an impact on the environment as well as providing high-performance acoustics.

The company claims that EcoSoft has greater sound absorption than standard hardback carpet tiles, is more permeable, more thermally efficient and has improved stability and resistance to support heavier loads.The company has been certified with the ECS4 rating (delivers reduced VOCs) and is claimed to have a Green Star rating.

EcoSoft also uses post-consumer recycled content (including discarded drinking water bottles) and Aboveleft claims that it is recyclable through their Recover Product Stewardship Program and is PVC, bitumen and fibreglass free. Along with the range of backings, they also offer a full range of tufted carpet tiles.

Carpets Inter carry a number of third party certifications.

Information last verified: 24/1/16

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