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Screen Reflect is a sunscreen fabric with vacuum metallized aluminium backing, suitable for interior residential and commercial applications.

Total Window Concept's Screen Reflect is a sunscreen fabric with a metallised backing. The product is suitable for use on indoor roller blinds, skylight blinds and decorative panels.

Fabrics can effectively reduce heat and glare transmitted into internal spaces while still allowing outward vision. Many of the options within this range have a Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) of less than 10% and are therefore effective at reducing glare.

The fabrics can achieve reduction in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and associated greenhouse gases, particularly when used in conjunction with a closely sealed blind system. Actual performance will depend on the hardware configuration used.

Screen Reflect  has a metallised backing which is able to reflect solar energy and reduce heat gain. The backing is made from aluminium, a high embodied energy material. However, the aluminium backing makes up less than 2% of the product and hence impact is not significant compared to the reflective, energy saving benefit.. Non-metallised fabric is designed to resist moisture and is suitable for use in humid areas.

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