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The bio-remediation solution addresses the issues of wastewater.

Biobags are bioremediation water soluble bags. The product contains the bacteria with the aim of eliminating the solids, sludge and odour in the wastewater. The product degrades the organic waste into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water and claims to be non toxic, non hazardous, non corrosive and biodegradable. The product also claims to be suitable for use in remediation of organic waste in commercial and household applications.

BioBags are available in 4 different sizes and the MSDS of the product is available on the website. The product claims to be International Environmental Management Standard (ISO 14001) and International Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001) accredited.

The company also provides a range of products, including cleaning, outdoor control, sanitisers, and wastewater products.

Information last verified: 15th Dec 2016

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