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Tractile Pty Ltd- Eclipse Solar Roof Tile & Eclipse Thermo Roof Tiles. Roof integrated photovoltaic (PV) tiles and PV tiles also with hot water generation system.


Tractile’s Eclipse range are unique high strength roof tile with integrated PV and thermal  systems (RIPV-T); made from a fibre plastic composite and moulded to include PV and water pathways that provide solar electric energy and hot water.  Suitable for residential and commercial projects.  

The Eclipse range are interlocking roof tiles with an RIPV-T system. The tiles are extremely strong; storm, hail and impact resistant and provide electrical energy and hot water in a seamless, very low profile and visually integrated design. 

Eclipse roof tiles are made of highly durable fibre reinforced plastic composite with a design that ensures fast installation and unparalleled strength, The Eclipse Solar Roof Tile provides PV generation only, while the Eclipse Thermo Roof Tile provides PV and hot water. Both tiles can be interlocked with the Eclipse Roof tile in a single or multiple roof planes.  

Eclipse Thermo Roof Tiles have an embedded water jacket behind the photovoltaic panels which cool the tile as it’s heated by the sun. This cools the PVs ensuring there is less efficiency lost. The water used to cool the photovoltaics is heated during this process is captured in a tank and can be used to supply the building the tiles are installed on, with hot water. 

Information last verified: 10th November 2016 

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