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Tractile Pty Ltd- Horizon Roof tile with integrated solar PV and thermal systems (RIPV-T Technology) that is adaptable to existing concrete tile roofs.


Tractile’s Horizon roof tile is a roof integrated photovoltaic system that provides solar electrical energy and hot water at the same time.  Horizon roof tile is suitable for installation with specific Boral concrete tile roofs. This product is suitable for residential purposes.

Tractile’s Horizon Roof tiles are a fibre composite ensemble with Roof Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (RIPV-T) technology, which provides flexibility for installation purposes; due to its compatibility with Boral flat profile concrete roof tiles. Some features of these solar panels include a body made of strong, lightweight material; which reduces costs and time for installation, as well as a water circulation system that provides hot water while cooling the PV system in order to keep it operating within its maximum efficiency temperature band wherever possible.

Information last verified: 10th November 2016

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