Product Detail

MM Kembla Copper Plumbing Tube is available in a range of lengths and sizes in ‘hard drawn’ straight lengths, ‘bendable quality’ (BQ) straight lengths or annealed coils.

The product is available in either uncoated form or in a range of coloured insulation Kemlag coatings to assist in identification of copper tube uses for LP Gas pipelines, recycled water or when pipes are exposed to aggressive environments.

The product is manufactured in Australia incorporating up to 75% post industrial recycled copper, 25% post consumer recycled content and incorporating approximately 20% of recycling wastes back into their production line. Copper recycling is common practice in the industry due to the high commercial value of copper scrap; however the high recycled content in MM Kembla products significantly reduces the impacts associated with the use of virgin mined copper.

Product Certification

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