Product Detail

Enerlogic 70 Window Film has a low centre-of-glass U-value – 3.46 W/m²K - (as a result of a very low emissivity),reducing heat loss, reflecting ultraviolet rays whilst allowing a high amount of visible light, thereby providing better thermal efficiency without significantly reducing daylight entering the building. It can be installed directly onto existing glass windows. Enerlogic 70 Window Film performance depends on the type of window e.g. single or double glazed aluminium framed window, single or double glazed timber / uPVC frame window, etc.

Enerlogic 70 Window Film is best suited to colder climate zones but works equally as well in warmer climates – it is not orientation dependant.

Since the product can be applied directly on existing windows, it does not require changing or replacing existing window glass or window frame/s, thus reducing waste to landfill and reducing energy usages in the production of new glass and framing systems. 

Product Certification

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