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Jewel Windows – The Pearl Double Glazed Vertical Window- Nature’s Fan™


Jewel Windows’ Pearl Double Glazed Vertical Window is described as providing important energy reduction benefits (via its Nature’s Fan™ technology) as well as added anti-intruder protection, easy assembly and simple user operation.   


Jewel Windows Nature’s Fan™ technology for Pearl Double Glazed Vertical Windows provides improved insulation and air circulation all year long.

The product is thermally enhanced due to its PVC sash 'T' section that is fixed onto the window. Jewel Windows asserts thatthis PVC material provides both cost and energy reduction benefits as it minimizes the transfer of external heat in summer and maintains warmth in winter. During Summer months, the product employs Nature’s Fan™ technology to the maximum effect by allowing cool air to naturally enter below, and warm air to escape above. 

Jewel Windows catalogues the product as providing simple user operation given its one motion requirement for both opening and closing glides. The window’s unique intruder properties prevents cords from being cut outside the window. The product also provides unimpeded views as it is unobstructed by fittings, frames and bulky locks. 

Information last verified: 18th January 2016

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