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Azzura- Ultra Low Dual Flushing (ULDF) Toilet (3/2 Litre Toilet Range)


Azzura’s ULDF Toilet engineers water efficient technology into a contemporary design for both commercial and residential needs. 





Azzura catalogues the ULDF Toilet as a high performing and water preserving system. The product is compatible to all building types, including residential homes, schools and office blocks. The product’s design allows for easy installation; it can also be retrofitted into existing buildings and dwellings.

With an average flush of 2.2 litres, it has surpassed previous models in water conservation without sacrificing performance. Azzura asserts that drainage systems are not impacted by reduced flush volumes due to its innovative drainage blueprint. The design of ULDF Toilet’s sewer dosing unit improves drainage efficiency while satisfying all new Australian Standards and Testing.   

Azzura affirms that the product is fully test, approved and certified under the Australian Buildings Codes Board’s WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Information last verified: 20th January 2016

Product Certification

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