Product Detail

All Ceramic Marketing (ACM) supplies an extensive range of glazed and unglazed Italian porcelain wall tiles available in various sizes and colours. The product meets the requirements of the GreenTagCert™ Standard and operates a "Product Stewardship Program" with a third party to take back tiles at the end of service life.

The products in scope of certification are Almatec, Bianco/Nero, Bliss, Boulevard, Creta D, E(c) lettica, E_Motion, Empreinte, Era, Marmi Di Impronta, Lerable, Marmi Imperialli, Marmo D, Maxi Wood, Metropoli, N⁰4, Natural Stone, Onice D, Stone Gallery, Stone Mix, Stone Valley, Stoneworks, Tharsis, Urbana.

Product Certification

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