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Solakool is an air conditioning system which works using the solar thermal energy collected and stored in the solar panel. Then, it is possible to reduce electricity charges and, according to the manufacturer, it is also possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The basic principles of how Solar Air Conditioning works are: Refrigerant is circulated by the compressor to the solar panel (2), where it is heated by solar thermal energy that has been collected and stored in the panel. The heated refrigerant is now hot and at high pressure due to expansion. It enters the condenser and the condensation process is now enhanced by the extra large condenser coil and the high temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.

The result is that the condenser coil fills with refrigerant that has changed phase completely into liquid instead of aerated fluid as in regular air conditioners. This fluid backs up behind the choking device (capillary), as it changes phase back to vapour, it absorbs energy (cools), passing through the fan coil or evaporator. The cooling effect is rolled over into the air being circulated by the fan from the area to be cooled. The low pressure vapour returns to the compressor to repeat the cycle. Manufacturer claims that it can reduce your electricity charges by up to 80% and that it uses a safe refrigerant (R290), as opposed to harmful hydro-fluorocarbons.

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