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GreenTagCertTM Gold GreenRate Level A Certified very low formaldehyde emission, E1 Moisture Resistance (MR) particleboard made from extra fine wood particles sourced from AFS/PEFC certified plantations. It comes with a tongue and groove system, which provides the flooring with more strength in the unsupported joists. It is a three layered particleboard, bonded with moisture resistant resin and wax, suitable for commercial and residential internal flooring.

The Laminex Group manufactures particleboard from wood chips and fibre sourced from plantations and sawmills carrying Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Sustainable Forest Management Certification and Chain of Custody and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) certification, ensuring that the main raw material for the products is legally sourced and sustainably harvested.

The wood fibre undergoes a quality inspection to ensure consistency before urea formaldehyde resin is added and the boards are pressed, dried and cut to size. The whole process obtains almost 2/3 of its energy from burning otherwise unusable waste wood fibre, greatly reducing the demand on fossil fuels.

The board is then laminated with melamine formaldehyde impregnated paper, creating a nonporous hardwearing surface that may be used as a pre-finished product or finished with a paint system where required.

The product is GreenTag® GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A8.

Trade Essentials® Particleboard Flooring is GreenTag® LCARate Gold Certified achieving the GreenTag® EcoPoint score of 0.22 and meets the following criteria:

For Gold: Product triggers no ES CAP 'Issue of Concern' warnings due to added chemical ingredient/s post Risk Analysis.

A Gold award indicates a product in the top 15% of its market category.


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