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ZeroFlush Porcelain Urinals are non-flush urinals designed to save water








ZeroFlush Porcelain Urinals are designed with environmental, economic and sanitary benefits in mind. They come in a range of models, these are:

  • ZF-101 - ZeroFlush Executive Model 101 Porcelain Urinal
  • ZF-201 - ZeroFlush Standard Model 201 Porcelain Urinal
  • ZF-401 - ZeroFlush Retro Model 401 Porcelain Urinal
  • ZF-501 - ZeroFlush Junior Model 501 Porcelain Urinal

Some of the advantages of ZeroFlush Porcelain Urinals are:

  • No full cartridges to dispose of
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Odour barrier is 100% natural and biodegradable - no harsh chemicals
  • No special cleaning fluids



Information last verified on 17th June 2010

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