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High efficiency Gas Furnace. For use in residential purposes.









According to manufacturer the furnaces have the highest AFUE efficiency in the industry. The Energy-Guide rating exceeds international standards - insuring low energy use.

The basic components of the system are:

  • Burner: where gas (natural or propane) delivered and burned
  • Heat Exchanger: where heat from the burning gas is transferred to the air distribution system
  • Ductwork: to transfer the heated air throughout the home
  • Flue or Vent Pipe: to exhaust by-products of combustion (such as water vapor and carbon dioxide) outside


The following products of YORK's assortment are EnergyStar certified:

Product            Name                                                                            AFUE

Affinity 9.C and 8.C     (Variable Speed Modulating Models)            80 - 98%

Affinity 9.M and 8.M     (Constant Speed Modulating Models)          80 - 97%

LX Series TM9X, TM9T, TM9V, TM8X, TM8T, TM8V                            80 - 96%

(single and two-stage furnace models)

Latitude TG9S                                                                            80%

(AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)


Information last verified on 24th February 2011

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