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Worm farm solution for organic waste recycling. Suitable for residential use.








The Can O Worms is an ideal sized system for small to medium sized families. Worm farming (vermi-culture) can be applied for the effective processing of cafeteria wastes, cooked and uncooked wastes, animal manures, hand towels, lunch paper, corrugated cardboard and mulched green wastes, and most common plant-derived products. These materials can be effectively processed by composting worms. Such species include Tiger worms (Eisenia Foetida), Red Worms ( Lumbricus Rubellus), Indian Blue (Perionyx Excavatus). These composting worms are able to eat and live in harmony provided their environmental needs are met. The liquid compost produced by the worm castings make a great plant fertiliser when mixed to soil mixture or water.



Information last verified on 7th January 2011

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