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Wollsdorf Leather is a European-based leather manufacturer that manufactures leather products used for residential and contract commercial furniture and marine, automotive and aircraft applications.







Wollsdorf Leather upholstery leather manufacturers have used their third party certified EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to reduce the environmental impact of their leather processing, including controlling chemical use and emissions and reducing waste generation.

Wollsdorf offers both semi-aniline leathers and aniline leathers. Semi-aniline leathers are top dyed and protected with a "polyurethane like" substance. They are desired because of easy clean up and this leather has a little more sun protection. Semi-aniline leathers are sometimes "corrected" prior to the dying process. Texture is sometimes embossed, scratches or holes are filled. Semi-aniline leathers can be rough or smooth but generally feel cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer due to their "sealed" characteristic. These leathers are the least expensive.

Aniline leathers are considered "naked" leathers as they are not protected and they will patina (slight hue that gives character) with age. These leathers are buttery soft and are mostly desired because of their true natural look and their temperature changing abilities. Because they are not top-sealed, they are porous and they take on a warm feeling in the summer. These leathers are premium hides with no corrections and the most expensive.

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