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The LSC System essentially consists of a smoke exhaust control panel equipped with an emergency generator and with an integrated smoke suction system for the detection of smoke gas in the lift shaft.








It is specially designed for use in lift shafts and works on the principle of constant air monitoring. The air sucked in is examined by the smoke suction system with regard to the concentration of smoke gas.

In the event of fire, an alarm is immediately activated and the smoke exhaust flap at the top of the shaft - driven by an electric motor - opens so that the smoke and toxic gases can escape unhampered and as quickly.

In addition to the permanent monitoring of the lift shaft by the smoke suction system, a fire alarm can be activated by optical fire detectors or by a manual activator and smoke exhaust - for example in the main evacuation level of the lift.

LSC prevents unnecessary energy loss as a permanent opening at the top of the shaft is avoided and therefore uncontrolled ventilation of the building prevented. Unnecessary loss of heat within the building is avoided as the smoke exhaust opening at the top of the shaft is permanently closed and is only opened for smoke exhaust in the event of a fire.


Information last verified on 11th June 2010

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