Product Detail

A generously proportioned Executive office chair with an AFRDI approved knee tilt mechanism is overall 41.6% recycled content overall and includes a single piece Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Gold PLUS GreenRate Level A Certified Recopol™ recycled engineering grade resin moulding that reduces the environmental impact of this style of chair.

The Recopol™ shell utilises recycled engineering grade resin and patented low embodied energy ABS recycling technology featuring an average 75% (but up to 100%) recycled ABS content. The moulded shell incorporates structural ribs, metal fasteners, mountings for webbing and upholstery features. The moulding process is eco-efficient and enables clean production, this shell can be easily re-upholstered endless times by unzipping the cover and replacing. It can also be re-shaped to meet changing style requirements, is designed for disassembly and available with take-back and refurbishment services and are unaffected by moisture, insects or mould.

All Wharington's Sustainable Furniture range contain no PVCs and no CFCs have been used in manufacture.

Product Certification

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