Product Detail

This tub chair featues a 36.8% recycled content overall with a Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Gold PLUS GreenRate Level A Certified Recopol™ recycled engineering grade resin single piece internal shell that is half the weight of a standard timber shell with environmental benefits compared to the typical ply construction in that it minimises time, waste and biodiversity impacts of timber sourcing (particularly as many plywoods are sourced from Asian rainforset sources).  All aspects of the manufacturing and life cycle have been environmentally optimised.

Manufacturing furniture with Recopol™ shells -a patented low embodied energy ABS recycling technology featuring an average 75% (but up to 100%) recycled ABS content, replaces non-sustainable materials, reduces waste in production and greenhouse emissions and are fully recyclable at end of life. Recopol™ shells are able to be re-upholstered endless times, they are unaffected by moisture, insects or mould.

They are designed for disassembly and available with take-back and refurbishment services.

Manufacturer provides Environmental Pledge to take back their furniture at end of life for re-manufacture. If the chairs need updating, maintenance or refurbishment they can be simply recovered or reupholstered and all components can be recycled or re-used.

All Wharington's Sustainable Furniture range contains no PVCs and no CFCs have been used in manufacture.

Product Certification

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