Product Detail

Eco-efficient general purpose chairs for commercial use utilising overall 63.2% recycled content and patented low embodied energy ABS recycling technology featuring an average 75% (but up to 100%) recycled ABS content, designed for disassembly and available with take-back and refurbishment services.

The principal structural material is Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Gold PLUS GreenRate Level A Certified Recopol™, a recycled engineering grade resin internal mouldings. Stainless Steel frame (approx 60% recycled content) enables eco-efficient and clean production with low maintenance requirements over the life of the product. Max is a very light and durable chair.

Manufacturing furniture with Recopol™ shells replaces non-sustainable materials, reduces waste in production and greenhouse emissions and are fully recyclable at end of life. Recopol™ shells are able to be re-upholstered endless times, they are unaffected by moisture, insects or mould.


Product Certification

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