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Wind powered ventilator. Suitable for residential and commercial application.








Through natural forces, the Western Rotary Ventilator allows hot and contaminated air to escape an enclosure, improving the surrounding environment for employers and for better production conditions.
The wind driven spinning action, plus the buoyancy of hot air rising (stack effect), plus the natural action of wind pushing through and out of a building all add up to help drive fumes out of a building and encourage fresh air to enter a workspace.


  • Steel bearings - factory sealed, self lubricating with noncontact seals
  • Corrugated Vanes - ensures rigidity and avoids shipping damage.
  • Weatherproof and Dustproof Tubular Casing - minimum bearing maintenance under most severe conditions.
  • Locked-On Rotor - prevents loss or damage in the highest winds, yet the ventilator is easy to service without special tools.
  • Bearing Suspension - bearing assembly keeps friction loading low to ensure that momentum keeps the head spinning in sporadic winds.
  • Box-Girder Construction - used for rigidity & permanent alignment.
  • Radial Bearing - for minimum friction drag and long operating life.
  • Support Spider Assembly - designed for greater strength.
  • Minimum Clearance Between Base and Rotor - for draft reduction and reduces air leakages, improving overall performance.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finishes - standard ventilators include 2-pack painted finish. Stainless steel & aluminium materials also available.


Information last verified on 4th February 2011

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