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AAA rated water flow control device for residential, industrial and commercial applications.








The aerators are designed for quick and easy installation into existing taps and showers to reduce water flow and water usage from regular bathroom taps to 4, 6 or 8 litres per minute.

Flow through water saving aerators, is primarily controlled by the use of a fixed orifice at the outlet. Furthermore, the aerators also provide dynamic flow control through the use of an o-ring insert. Under low flow conditions the o-ring remains relaxed and provides a fixed orifice dimension. As flow increases the o-ring reacts against the flow by unseating and slowly reducing the flow capacity of the orifice until the maximum restriction is achieved.

Water Wizz products are tested by independent NATA approved laboratories to ensure product compliance with the required standard AS6400.



Information last verified on 27th January 2011

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