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Water-free, odourless urinal. Available in  ceramic or fibreglass. Wall hung, tower, pedestal, trough and portable versions.  Commercial and residential applications.








As a waterless system, the Uridan Urinal reduces urban water, and water storage, demand. Typically a Uridan water-free urinal will save 60-80,000 litres of water annually.  Cleaning also requires less water than a conventional flushing system.

The odour-trapping system avoids the need for room deodorisers. Harsh cleaning agents are not needed due to the simple, rimless urinal design.

Maintenance products 'Urilock' and 'Uriclean' are stated to be biodegradable to OECD standards. Urilock is made from refined vegetable oil with 1.5% orange scent and 0.02% blue dye. Uriclean poses no OH&S problems.


Information last verified on 27th January 2011

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