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A range of lightweight, sound absorbing moveable wall systems suitable use in interior spaces. Suitable for residential and commercial purposes.








Walls in Motion wall systems are made out of lightweight components and are designed to assist in sound absorption,flexible use of space and modularity.

Quikwall Operable Walls are designed to assist in interior space management and in reducing noise travel between rooms. The individual panels have adjustable height and are installed as suspended baffles from the ceiling, without requiring the opening of the ceiling. Each panel is suspended on one 4-wheel ball bearing trolley, two multi-directional polymer trolleys or two sliding polymer pucks. The panels are constructed with non-deflecting steel tubular frame and aluminium profiles bolted together. The frame is clad on either side with glass magnesium boards. The panel cavity is filled with recycled polyester in accordance with specified sound insulation requirements.


Minor issue: This product contains polyester. Polyester is based on a fossil fuel petrochemical polymer. Provided the polyester component is fully recycled this investment in resources can be off-set by reduced material use in the future. Products with recycled polyester content have a significant reduction in embodied energy and environmental impact.

Minor issue: This product contains aluminium. Aluminium has a high embodied energy. However, this may be encountered over the product's life by its improved thermal performance, low maintenance lifespan and high recycling potential.


Precast concrete panels, AAC, brickwork, concrete blocks, plasterboard with timber or steel studs, used to frame permanent non-moveable walls, glass and portable/demountable partition systems (including MDF, glass or plasterboard with aluminium framing).

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