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Volvox Hard Oil is a transparent, highly wear and tear resistant natural oil impregnation for traffic exposed interior surfaces.

Volvox Hard Oil-Wax Finish is a thick running oil-wax combination for fine sanded timber surfaces and cork interior.







Volvox Hard Oil is a hard wearing oil finish for interior surfaces, and can be used on timber floors, furniture staircase and bench tops, as well as on cork and porous stone.

Notably, light coloured hardwood can react to the oil, resulting in stains and light shades on the timber. Other hardwoods, especially Australian gum, can reject the oil. Use Volvox Hard Oil-Wax Finish instead.

Volvox Hard Oil-Wax Finish is made from natural and non-toxic materials. When used according to manufacturer's direction, the product is harmless to humans and the environment.


Information last verified on 28th January 2011

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