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Solar and thermal insulating glass providing solar control performance and enhanced insulation.  Suitable for commercial and residential applications.








ThermoTech Insulated Glass Units (IGU) is designed with a Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS) or metal spacer. The seal maintains an even temperature distribution on the glass surface, reducing thermal stress and condensation.

Solar and thermal insulating product is used in buildings to control heat entry input and escape from buildings as well as permit the entry of daylight into buildings. Product is designed for fully framed conditions and uses polysulphide secondary seal as standard. When used in structural silicone glazing systems, secondary seal must be silicone.

ThermoTech offer improved insulation in combination with other products; multiple low E combinations are possible to make up the IGU. For example, used with EnergyTech (low E glass), product decreases heat conduction; or used with EVantage (solar control glass with reflective coatings) product optimises energy management with natural light transmission. Product is also able to be installed in buildings where high humidity is anticipated (such as pool enclosures). Product reduces air-to-air heat transfer, providing a more stable and controllable internal environment for all climates.

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