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Range of low-E glass providing solar control performance and enhanced insulation.  Suitable for commercial and residential applications.








Viridian's multi-purpose high performance glass, are suitable for use on building facades, interiors and glazing systems. Laminated Glass blocks UV radiation while allowing daylight to penetrate, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Products are categorised by their primary application (see Options), although most can perform many functions, such as high performance solar control and thermal insulation. Products are available in a range of colours, transparency and reflectivity. Other attributes available for glass products include safety, security, decoration, noise control and self-cleaning.

ComfortPlus™ is designed with high performance solar control and low reflection, in a laminated form. Coating provides thermal insulation, reducing heat loss while facilitating natural lighting. Product is not designed to prevent surface condensation. EVantage™ is designed for buildings that require medium performance solar control and the insulating benefits of Low E coating (emissivity value of 0.21) with a reflective appearance.

EnergyTech™ and SolTech™ are suitable as the inner glass laminate of solar control laminated glass, have low emissivity values (0.16-0.17), reducing building energy use. They are also available as a monolithic product. For buildings requiring passive heat gains, direct solar radiation passes through the glass and only 17% of absorbed heat is re-emitted.

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