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Solid waste removal integration basket system for sink outlets made of stainless steel. Suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic applications.







Sink-Safe® is one of two products that utilises the Dry Basket Arrestor® (DBA). It features effective pre-treatment for waste water, screening out solids and preventing them from reaching grease traps, the sewer system or septic tanks. Sink-Safe® is designed for commercial, industrial, laboratory and medical applications, and for jewellery workshops. It has a screw-in grate as the primary filter, with a mesh stainless steel basket below. A remote sink emptying mechanism helps minimise cuts from unseen sharp objects, burns from sanitising water and skin irritations from contact with fats, oils, grease or detergents.

The Sink-Safe® DBA system is tamper-proof; as a shut-off valve prevents all waste water discharges until the filter basket is replaced. These sink filters can significantly cut business operational costs, reduce the costs and impacts on domestic and industrial sewerage and septic systems.

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