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Solid waste removal integrated basket system for sink outlets made primarily of polypropylene. Suitable for commercial, but recommended more for domestic applications.








Sink-Guard® 2 is a sink outlet fitting that screens and retains solid waste from waste water in a basket. The basket is removed and emptied when full. A secondary screening plate is fixed securely below the basket to prevent the discharge of solid waste in the event that the basket is not replaced. The basket is simple to lift out or drop in. This product has a 89 mm diameter Polypropylene body that fits a standard 90 mm sink outlet. The basket and secondary screening plate are 304 stainless steel.


Sink-Guard® 2 is effectively the same product as Sink-Shield™, which is suitable for heavy-duty commercial use, but is made from polypropylene, and is recommended more for domestic applications.

It has multiple features. They include significantly reducing the impact of solid wastes from everything downstream of the sink, from drain pipes and grease traps to treatment plants and ultimately, waterways; being a suitable replacement for 'insinkerators' or 'garbage grinders'; does not require the use of electricity; compliments any greywater reuse/recycling systems, through reduced solids and blockages in garden irrigation pipes; reduces sludge build-up in the tanks, and associated maintenance costs; reduces water consumption; and, the product contains no PVC.

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