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A unique floor Waste Outlet Fitting featuring a removable basket capable of screening out and capturing solid waste from floor wash down water. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, such as kitchens, food preparation areas, food courts, workshops etc.







Drain-Guard / Drain-Guard 2 In-Floor DBA® is a unique solid waste removal device made from stainless steel. It provides prolonged performance in aggressive environments but requires minimal maintenance.

Drain-Guard / Drain-Guard 2 feature the following 1) a hinged grate cover, 2) a screening basket 3) a shut-off valve mechanism (Drain-Guard only) and 4) a secondary fixed screen (Drain-Guard 2 only). The hinged grate cover sits above the heavy duty stainless steel removable screening basket at floor level. It is load bearing and prevents large solid objects getting into the screening basket. The basket is located within the body of Drain-Guard to filter out and retain any solids being discharged from the floor to the grease trap or the municipal sewerage system. Drain-Guard has a valve fitted below the screening basket, which activates when the basket is removed to shut off the flow to the drain. This tamper-proof system ensures that only screened waste water can be discharged from the drain. Only when the basket is re-fitted after cleaning does the valve re-open, ensuring that the solids removing potential is in place at all times. Drain-Guard 2 has a fixed secondary screening plate fitted below the basket. If the basket is left out the secondary screening plate prevents any solid waste getting down the drain.

Drain-Guard has multiple features. It prevents blockages in drains and reduces maintenance costs; reduces sludge build-up in pipes and infrastructure (downstream treatment plant etc); reduces water consumption by promoting the sweeping of floors rather than the "hosing down" of floors; contains no PVC; and, is suitable for use with non-PVC drainage systems. It has a straight edge grate cover design that facilitates tile cutting and adds aesthetic value to finished floors.

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