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Structured wall pipe with uniquely designed modular fitting components made of polypropylene and polyethylene materials providing a cost effective solution to underground water storage.







AquaPRO® is made up of 900mm diameter StormPRO™ pipes in 3, 4 and 6 metre lengths that can be joined together to provide a large volume underground water retention system. This enables unlimited configuration and storage options which can be designed to suit available site, optimises land use and real estate value. The AquaPRO® system is also suitable for large volume underground water storage applications but is not intended to compete with underground water tanks. The AquaPRO® pipe system is highly durable and has been certified to be capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads.

AquaPRO® pipe system, which utilises both AquaPRO® and StormPRO™ pipes, are manufactured from high molecular weight polypropylene block copolymer, which promotes high stiffness and impact strength. Fittings are manufactured from medium density polyethylene which has excellent impact strength, crack resistance and toughness. The pipes are also relatively light weight and can generally be manhandled.

All systems are suitable for PVC replacement.

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