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Fixed louvre, natural ventilator stack system combining passive stack and wind driven natural ventilation. Suitable for residential and commercial use.








Monodraught WindCatcher is a fully automatic and programmable energy and maintenance free, natural ventilation system which uses the stack effect, light breezes and cross ventilation or a combination of each to expel stale, hot air from a building improving occupant comfort and maximising fresh air ventilation rates all year round.

The Monodraught Windcatcher effectively replaces the need for a traditional HVAC system (in suitable climates) to heat and cool buildings, minimising energy consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions and costs. It can be effectively operated during the day time to expel hot air and at nightime and mid season to draw in cool air so that building is cool the next morning.

Monodraught is suitable for use a wide range of building applications including schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, aged-care facilities, large homes, apartments, warehouses, gymnasiums, theatres, ambulance, fire and police stations.


Information last verified on 19th August 2009

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