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Vanguard Blinds – Ecoline Aluminium Blinds, Shutters, Louvres and Privacy Screens


Aluminium shutters, blinds, louvres and privacy screens for external applications.








Exterior aluminium shutters, blinds, louvres and privacy screens provide sun and glare protection, privacy, light regulation, security, weather protection, cross ventilation control, and radiant heat reflection.

The Ecoline aluminium blinds can be operated manually by crank or be motorised and connected to a BMS system. If required it could be connected also with a sun- and wind control.

Shutterguard. Louvreguard and privacy screen: the blades can be driven manually by operating the control bar or rotating the blades by hand. Alternatively they can be driven by motor, and operated via wall switch or remote control.

Shutterguard: the product range includes 4 different types of shutter systems: fixed, sliding, hinged or bi-fold. Depending on the desired extent of light regulation and/or privacy required, the blades can be fitted vertically or horizontally within the frame.

The products are constructed of durable extruded aluminium and available in all Dulux and Interpon powder coat colours.

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