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Ultraviolet water purification systems. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications








Low to high flow water purifying systems for a variety of pressures and applications including purification of potable water, swimming pool, spa and cooling tower water. Models include the Terminator, designed for treating secondary effluent.

The efficient UV solution UVTA UV water disinfection and treatment systems can effectively destroy bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water, secondary treated effluent and wastewater, without using chemicals. UVTA disinfection units are easy to operation, reliable and low maintenance. Hydrogen peroxide is recommended to be used as a complement to UV purification.


  • Replaces chlorine with UV as primary disinfection
  • Avoids dechlorination facilities
  • No harmful chemicals or by-products
  • Does not affect water taste or odour
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical and safe
  • Non-corrosive AFP 840 tubing
  • Designs and installation to suit any flow rate


Information last verified on 28h January 2011

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