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URIMAT is a range of waterless, chemical and oil-free urinal systems. Suitable for commercial applications.








All URIMAT products are made from a high tech moulded polycarbonate with no hidden surfaces for bacteria to accumulate. A replaceable siphon channels the urine to the waste system via a double odour lock to ensure smell does not develop. URIMAT features include:

  • Savings of less than 100,000 litres of water per year, water rates and maintenance;
  • No oil seal- so no increased oil emissions in effluent
  • 100% recyclable bowls;
  • Microbiologically active, pH neutral cleaner designed specifically for the URIMAT;
  • 'Ecoline' model also requires no electricity;
  • Sensor-controlled backlit advertising display; and,
  • Winner of Waterwise Award (Great Britain, 2007-08), Construmat Award (Spain, 2007), Designbuild (Australasia, 2007).



Information last verified on 19th November 2008

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