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Universal Tile Ventilator ® is a modified roof tile, installed in existing or new tiled roof structures which provide ventilation through inlet and outlet systems. Product is suitable for residential and commercial applications on exterior roof tile systems.







Universal Tile Ventilator® system is a roof ventilation system integrated into roof tiles to facilitate the transfer of hot air to the outside environment in summer and to reduce moisture in winter. The Universal Tile Ventilator® is installed on the 4th lower course of a tiled roof and half of the vents induce air and the others exhaust. The combination of inlets and outlets work using natural convection currents, air flows and the venturi effect.

Universal Tile Ventilator® system is compatible with:

  • Terracotta; and
  • Concrete tile roof

Manufacturer claims that for a tiled roof:

  • 4 vents are required for a small house up to 112 m2­ or townhouse of 80 m2-112 m2.
  • 6 vents from 112 m2-170 m2.
  • 8 vents for above 170-260 m2 plus for larger houses.

Information last verified 25/03/11

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