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United Bonded Fabrics – Jutemaster® and GeomasterTM Geo-textiles


A range of geo-textiles made from jute, cotton and synthetic blends, with recycled content. Suitable for various non-structural geo-textile purposes, such as landscaping applications.








The geotextiles aide in mulching, water retention, erosion prevention, and may be used as germination blankets.

Jutemaster® is organic jute geo-textile, available in multiple thicknesses for varying purposes, and is biodegradable over 6-18 months.

Geomaster™  Geo-textiles are made from a blend of organic jute and cotton with synthetic fibres, needle punched onto heavy duty polypropylene and Hessian scrim.  The geo-textile is a long lasting ground cover, providing semi-permanent to permanent erosion control and water retention.

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