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United Bonded Fabrics - Wunderfelt™ Natural Fibre and Superfelt™ Recycled Textile Carpet Underlay Range


A range of carpet underlay products made from durable and renewable natural and recycled materials. Suitable for heavy duty commercial applications.








The Wunderfelt™ range of carpet underlays are made from blends of jute and premium goat hair. These natural and renewable materials are completely biodegradable. All Wunderfelt™ underlays are manufactured with a fine polyester scrim for extra strength.

Superfelt™ underlays are a blend, consisting of a significant amount of post-consumer recycled textile (approx 90%) and virgin polyester (approx 10%).

These underlays are low in embodied energy and provide thermal and acoustic insulation properties, helping reduce heating and cooling costs, and associated energy consumption, while providing improved sound absorption. United Bonded Fabrics state that use of Wunderfelt™ and Superfelt™ underlays, together with quality carpet, can reduce heat loss through the floor by up to 60% that of comparable suspended wooden floors with no coverings.

These United Bonded Fabrics underlay products are loose-lay, allowing easy installation and removal. Products are reusable if not damaged after first life, otherwise are 100% recyclable. A product take back scheme is offered by United Bonded which, importantly, makes reuse or recycling of underlay products far more likely in practice.

United Bonded Fabrics state the resilient, pliable nature of these underlays (particularly Wunderfelt™ blends including goat hair) allows slight imperfections in sub-floors to be concealed, and that minimal thickness loss of the underlay material maximises the life of the surface carpet covering.

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