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Rigid and flexible solar panels using spectrum splitting multi-layer cell technology. Available for a range of applications








Uni-Solar rigid panels are heat tolerant and surrounded by a durable anodised aluminium frame.

All panels above 5 Watts feature bypass diodes between each cell cluster, allowing the panel to continue to function when a cell or more cease to function because of damage or shade.

Applications of rigid panels

  • Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)
  • Caravans and Recreational Vehicles
  • Marine vessels, bouys and beacons
  • Un-manned stations (e.g.: pumping, irrigation)
  • Grid interactive systems
  • Security and Emergency Backup systems


Flexible Uni-Solar panels are a versatile solution to any application that requires portability and low profile.

These flexible panels feature brass tie-holes so they can be rope mounted to boats and vehicles with minimal effort.

Applications of flexible panels

  • Four Wheel Drives
  • Caravans and Recreational Vehicles
  • Marine vessels (e.g.: Yachts, Fishing Boats)


Features of Uni-Solar panels

  • Heat and shade tolerant
  • Non-glass construction
  • Laminated in tough, weather resistant polymers.
  • Triple junction technology


Information last verified on 31st January 2011

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