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Urbanedge cladding is a horizontal cladding material made from reclaimed products suitable for use primarily in residential applications.








Manufactured in Germany, the product is designed to provide protection from the elements whilst also providing sustained improvement in the building's energy balance. The composites are created from recovered wood, recycled polymer and furniture factory waste. These are designed exclusively for horizontal installation and the materials used are reclaimed products otherwise likely to be incinerated or used as landfill. The composites can be recycled into new, similar products and claim to contain no VOCs. All plastics used are a combination of post-consumer and post-industrial waste sourced from old food and beverage containers and injection-moulding waste from car component manufacturing.

Designed to provide a modern edge to facades or isolated accents, the cladding is said to offer exceptional protection from the elements and be termite and water resistant. Sanding is not necessary and it comes in various colours, thus eliminating the need for additional painting.

Information last verified: 31st August, 2012

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