Product Detail

Thermasmart is designed and suitable for the insulation of heating, cooling and refrigeration installations, as well as air-conditioning applications and plumbing installations. They are made of thermoplastic elastomeric foam, have a closed cell structure and remain flexible within a wide range of temperature. Thermasmart is tested for UV resistance according to ISO 4892-2 Xenon-arc sources which equates to laboratory calculation Europe greater than 10 years in a laboratory environment.

Flexalen is flexible pre-insulated plastic pipe for district heating/cooling, plumbing and geothermal applications. It is highly corrosion resistant, pressure and temperature resistant. Quick and easy installation is possible due to its high flexibility. Flexalen inner pipe is made of polybuten, the insulation material is polyurethane or polyolefin foam in a corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) casing pipe.

The products have excellent insulation properties, high flexibility and resist many chemicals and oil.

Product Certification

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