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Broadloom carpets made from 100% wool pile. Tuftmaster's wool carpet range are low VOC and fully recyclable. Suitable for commercial and residential applications.








Tuftmaster produce a large range of carpets, made from 100% wool fibres. The backing material is composed of polypropylene (4% of the carpet), jute (9%) and synthetic latex (24%).

Tuftmaster offer a Stewardship Scheme in which registered stewardship broadloom carpets are recycled into composite based fence posts, thereby diverting waste carpets from landfill.

Tuftmaster's entire carpet range of 100% wool has been tested and deemed low VOC with emissions well below the total VOC limit, set by the US carpet and Rug Institute Green Label. This makes Tuftmaster a good choice for residential and commercial applications, including hospitality, offices, health and aged care, retail and education institutions.


Information last verified on 31st January 2011

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