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Wide range of hybrid units; combines electric/gas heating with air conditioners. Used for residential purposes.








The product contains the same components you find in a typical split system; includes a compressor, fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil and refrigerant. However, they're all engineered to work together in one cabinet. The system is capable of heating and cooling spaces using either electricity or gas. It combines an XLi electric heat pump with a variable speed gas furnace for great efficiency. With the flexibility of two fuels, the system can actually optimize energy use by switching back and forth to whichever source is most efficient for your comfort. Manufacturer offers an online Tool called 'System Customizer', to calculate which product and/or system combination would be optimal for customers preferences.

The following products are EnergyStar-certified:

Packaged Gas Electric (Type: XL16c, XL14c, XL13c, XB13c)

Systems that can switch from electric air conditioning to gas heating

Packaged Heat Pumps (Type: XL16c, XL14c, XL13c, XB13c)

Systems that both heating and cooling

Packaged Air Conditioners (Type: XL14c, XL13c, XR13m, XR13h, XB13c)

Systems that offer cooling solutions for warmer climates


Information last verified on 10th March 2010

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