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A non-halogenated plastic pipe system, likely to be cost competitive in trade waste and acoustic installations.








Silere is a polypropylene pipe system with useful properties and a range of advantages. A key breakthrough is its push-fit construction needing no mechanical fasteners, glues or heat-welding equipment. The pipe comes with special connectors and an anti-bacterial lubricating gel that is smeared on the end to be fitted. This gel remains liquid for a few days allowing disassembly in the event of mistakes, and allows layout of complex sections for later in-situ assembly. No solvents are required unlike PVC, where acetone solvents are used to prepare the pipe. Silere is reported by suppliers to take a similar time to assemble to familiar trades as conventional PVC pipe. Unlike HDPE, it is reported to be straight-forward to install straight lengths of Silere.

Physical properties of Silere are:

  • Can sustain constant 95oC temperatures
  • Suitable for trade wastes
  • Gives acoustic performance equivalent to lagged-PVC
  • Expansion couplings (e.g. for HDPE) not required in general.

In acoustic installations Silere is being used as a replacement for conventional plastic pipe + lagging, and may offer advantages through reduced installation time and return time as there is no danger that other trades will damage or remove lagging, as there is none. In addition as there is no lagging there is little increase in pipe diameter, typically doubling a plastic 40mm pipe, an important consideration in tight riser spaces. (Silere pipe walls are 5.5mm thick compared to 2.5mm thick for many common plastic pipes).

Information last verified 8th February 2011

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