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Thermatec Technologies – Mascoat Industrial Sound Damping Material


Mascoat Industrial thermal coating used for thermal retention, personal protection, and anti-condensation on pipes, valves, holding tanks, boilers, and heat exchangers.








Mascoat Industrial is an industrial thermal coating applied in a seamless spray method, which eliminates the problem associated with condensation build-up. The coating is durable for 5-10 years under non-aggressive environments, chemical resistant, class 1 fire rated, non-flammable product, can be applied at surface temperatures between 20oC and 140oC, has an operating temperature range of -50oC to +240oC, and is virtually maintenance free.

It can be applied directly to most surfaces including concrete, wood, PVC, aluminium etc and provides a weatherproof coating that prevents the ingress of moisture and negates the need for sealants. non-volatile, non-toxic food grade components. The coating is capable of producing dramatic temperature differentials on surfaces from sub-zero to 260ºC.

Information last verified 07.01.11

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